Anna Maria Staśkiewicz

Today, I had a chance to listen to Antonio Vivaldi’s piece entitled four seasons played by the Polish national chamber orchestra led by Anna Maria Staśkiewicz, the violinist. It was so moving that I was almost to weep at the first movement of the autumn.

With regard to Anna Maria Staśkiewicz I found the related videos and sites as follows.

Duo – Anna Maria Staśkiewicz (violin) and Krzysztof Meisinger (guitar) plays Prelude and Allemande from “Suite de Antiguas Danzas” by Carlos Atilano (arr. Krzysztof Meisinger) in Chopin Mansion in Duszniki during Festival “Gitariada” in April 2013.

For more information about Anna Maria Staśkiewicz please visit:!/menu

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