Darrell Royal’s letter

70歳を目前にして通い始めたI塾のS講師から Darrell Royal’s letter について教えていただいた。挑戦した国家試験に合格することができず落ち込みがちな僕を静かに包んでくれる文章だ。

You should all ask yourself what do you feel when you are defeated. Are you blaming others, feeling depressed, or are you feel with passion, ready to take the challenge again.

All those of you who has played on the field will have tasted defeat, there’s no player who has not lost before, however the best players, as a tribute to all their efforts, will give everything they’ve got to stand up again, the ordinary players will take them a while to get back on their feet, while the losers will remain flat on the field.

Do not be ashamed about being defeated. To be defeated and to not stand up is what you should be ashamed of.

-University of Texas Longhorn Head coach, Darrell Royal-

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